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Wh10069 Flower Table *

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Quick Overview

The eco-friendly flower stool is the perfect piece to add a hint of color and nautical feel to any space. With two tiers, it allows you to display items on each level. Use it to fill space between your sofa and chairs as a place for guests to place their beverages or add a lamp for extra light.

W2120's furniture starts it's life as a fishing boat in Bali. They are hand carved from teak wood and painted in vibrant colors. Over time the sea takes it's toll on these boats, but the wood remains strong with a beautiful natural patina.

The boats are salvaged and the wood is used to create beautiful custom furniture. The years of layered paint, weathered by time and elements, help create striking, one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

Shown on our floor in a different finish. Please visit the W2120 link at the bottom of this page to select your custom piece.

Wh10069 Flower Table *

Additional Information

Model Wh10069 Flower Table
Dimensions 18" Dia x 21"h
Supplier Warehouse 2120